Research Initiative on the Internationalisation of European Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)

This survey has been launched with the objective of obtaining a comprehensive understanding to what extent EU universities have embraced internationalisation.
Our goal is to identify and analyze effective practices that HEIs have implemented to attract these individuals.


The aim of the survey

We are excited to share our latest initiative, the Internationalisation and Attractiveness of EU Higher Education Institutions Survey. This survey aims to gather detailed insights into the strategies and experiences of European HEIs in attracting and integrating international talent, expecially the so called degree mobile students.

At EUABOUT, one of our main research interests is education, with a focus on the internationalization of European higher education institutions (HEIs). We are committed to understanding and enhancing the engagement of third-country talents, including students, researchers and staff within European universities.

Degree mobile students

Individuals who cross international borders for educational activities in a foreign country, different from their country of origin. These students typically pursue tertiary or higher degrees, stay for over a year and up to seven years, and obtain student visas. They aim to earn a foreign degree, distinguishing them from "credit-mobile students" in short-term exchange programs.

Foreign students

Are non-citizens who are presently enrolled in higher education degree programmes, regardless of whether they hold non-resident visas or have permanent resident status.
The latter category often includes individuals who have migrated due to their parents' relocation, thus falling into the 1.5-generation immigrant category.

We kindly invite you to distribute this survey within your network of HEIs. Your participation and support are crucial for deepening our collective understanding and fostering the internationalisation of European higher education.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your collaboration and contribution to this important research initiative!

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