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At EUAbout, we transcend conventional boundaries to redefine the landscape of forward-thinking research and impactful solutions. Established in 2016 by a cadre of experts deeply specialized in Economics, Public Procurement, Political Issues, and European Project Realization, EUAbout is not merely a think tank—it's a dynamic fusion of intellect and action, where the driving force is our commitment to pioneering research and academic excellence.

Our roots run deep, stemming from a wealth of experience garnered through years of dedicated service within EU institutions, UN agencies, and esteemed international universities. EUAbout emerges as a testament to our collective knowledge, honed by real-world challenges and nurtured by a passion for positive change.

EUAbout – located in the heart of Europe - represents more than just an assembly of experts; it embodies a unique blend of innovation and insight. We go beyond the conventional boundaries of a typical think tank, positioning ourselves as both an intellectual powerhouse and a dynamic research center. What sets us apart is our unwavering focus on producing tangible outcomes—our main products are not just ideas on paper but robust research and academic outputs that shape policies and transform landscapes.

At the heart of EUAbout's mission are our key specializations, each a catalyst for progress:
1. LCA and OLCA: Pioneering Life Cycle Assessment and Organizational Life Cycle Assessment to chart sustainable paths forward.
2. Circular Economy: Leading the charge in reimagining economic systems through circular and regenerative practices.
3. Waste and Water Management: Tackling the critical challenges of waste and water to create cleaner, more sustainable environments.
4. Services of General Interest: Championing the cause of services that benefit society at large, ensuring accessibility and equity.
5. Skills and Education: Nurturing human capital through cutting-edge research in skills development and educational strategies.
6. Smart Grid: Revolutionizing energy networks through innovative smart grid solutions.
7. EU Regional Policies: Shaping the future of European regions through strategic policy frameworks.
8. International Development: Bridging global gaps and fostering sustainable growth through international cooperation.

What defines EUAbout is not just our expertise but our commitment to unlocking the potential inherent in every challenge. Our research and academic outputs are not confined to ivory towers—they are catalysts for meaningful change, influencing policies, and driving innovation.


The team

Paolo Sospiro


Roberto Caldarulo

Project management coordinator

Daniele Bregoli

Policy and Project Officer

Martina Giurato

HR/Education and training 
project manager

Marco Ciro Liscio

Visiting Researcher from UNIVPM

Salik Ahmed

Sustainability Project Officer
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