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EU About is an umbrella organization set up in 2016 by experts in Economics, Public Procurement, political issues, and European project realization. Despite being a young organization, EU About is the consequence of more than 10 years of experience working in Brussels. EU About offers support in terms of monitoring and evaluation of policies and measures applied, policy recommendation, analysis of EU, national and regional policies and measures, support for new grants such as public procurement, tenders and call for proposals. Moreover, EU About specializes as well on the dissemination and exploitation of activities at the EU level. Thanks to our team of researchers, EU About is specialized to work at a different level, in terms of research, policy, and services to provide the best offer to local authorities, national governments, NGOs and SME to apply at European funding.

Areas of expertise:

  • Energy Transport
  • Waste Management
  • Water 
  • Education
  • Climate change