Why EU About


Nowadays problem is that few are the companies and institutions able to participate at tenders and public procurement. Our initiative aims to support them to enter into the EU internal market and become EU champions rather than national champions. In fact, year after year, the perspective of an EU Internal market is becoming a reality thus companies and Institutions should improve their activities and approach in order to seize the opportunities it raises

We believe that by supporting private and public institutions with in-depth and effective data analysis and policy recommendations, we can better tackle social, economic and environmental challenges at European and global level. 


Who we are


EU About is an umbrella organization set up in 2016 by experts specialized on Economics, Public Procurement, political issues and European projects realization. Despite it’s a young organisation, EU About is a consequence of more than 10 years of experience in Brussels by the founders.

Our area of expertise covers energy, transport, waste and water management, education and climate change


What we offer


 EUAbout offers services of support in terms of monitoring and evaluation of policies and measures applied, policy recommendationanalysis of EU, national and regional policies and measures, support for new grants such as public procurement, tenders and call for proposals. Moreover, EUAbout is specialized as well as on dissemination and exploitation activities at EU level given its position in Brussels.Thanks to its team of researchers, EU About specialized to work at different level, in terms of research, policy and services as to provide the best offer to local authorities, national governments, NGOs and SME to apply at European funding.




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 Teresa Domíniguez Lenza
Project Manager-Senior EU Project Consultant






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Intern- Project Assistant



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Simone Porta 
Social Media Manager-Project Assistant



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