EU champions 'people power' but devil lies in the detail

Brussels December, 1st 2016


The European Commission’s Winter Package of energy proposals, unveiled yesterday (30 November), is set to boost household and local power generation, but obstacles remain.

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Europe needs a new digital deal

Brussels November, 27th 2016


Europe’s next big challenge is the coming digital revolution and how to harness it. Nobody will be left untouched by the consequences of our digital policies, writes Bjarke Møller.

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Global climate action push ahead, despite slim pickings at COP22

Brussels November, 21st 2016

The UN’s 22nd climate change conference closed on Friday (18 November) with no tangible results.  But the decision of the most vulnerable states to convert to 100% renewable energy is a good signal for the future.

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EU unveils 'winter package' of power reforms

Brussels November, 3rd November

EU regulators will unveil reforms today (30 November) to promote a greater share of renewables in Europe’s grid by 2030, with plans to cut energy use by 30%, phase out subsidies for coal-fired plants and enforce greater cross-border trade.

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Winter package leaves doubts hanging over Europe's energy future

Brussels November, 11th 2016

The European Commission’s winter package is an awkward attempt at blending diverging national energy strategies and satisfy the advocates of coal, nuclear and renewables. EurActiv France reports.

Energy industry lobbyists and green activists alike are eagerly awaiting the publication of these 1,000 pages of EU legislation, due on 30 November.

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2050 climate change targets conceal a downturn in effort

Brussels November, 21st 2016

22 countries and a number of private companies promised at COP22 to present climate plans for 2050. But in the short term, most are reluctant to increase their current objectives.

Germany led by example at the Marrakesh climate conference, revealing a climate strategy for 2050. This may be a distant target, but it is nonetheless seen as relevant: COP22 saw the launch of the “2050 pathways platform”.

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Young Europeans keep finding difficult to fly the nest

Brussels November, 29th 2016


New statistics highlight how seriously Europe’s economic malaise is still affecting young people, as significant numbers of 18-35 year-olds continue to live with their parents.

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An AAA-rated society for workers' rights

Brussels November, 17th 2016 

This European Commission promised progress on social issues, but so far none has materialised. Europe’s workers need job security, well-defined right and a fair standard of living, writes Oliver Roethig.

Oliver Roethig is the Regional Secretary of UNI Europa, the European Services Workers’ Union.

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Europe's 'working poor' and populism on the rise

Brussels November, 17th 2016


Driven by a labour market recovery, EU citizens’ opportunities for social participation have improved slightly for the first time since 2008. But not everyone is benefiting. A high risk of poverty persists in many countries, especially in southern Europe, warn Daniel Schraad-Tischler and Christof Schiller.

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