EUABOUT ATTENDS… “Main IP Challenges for the Green Deal”

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On March 1st, EUAbout attended the webinar “Main IP Challenges for the Green Deal” sponsored by EUCONF Secretariat, in the occasion of the EU INDUSTRY WEEK 2021,

and attended by several  representatives of the IP (Intellectual Property) SME Helpdesk coming from China, India, Latin America and South-East Asia attended the event.

The event opened with the speech of Natalia Martínez Páramo, Head of Unit COSME at DG EASM, who highlighted the important role of the IP Helpdesk in providing support to SMEs, which are particularly vulnerable to intensive industry trade. Páramo pointed out also the necessity to turn the IP Helpdesk into a driving force after Covid-19 pandemic, facilitating the access of SMEs to trade market and to EU financing.

At this regard, the IP Helpdesk has contributed to the analysis of five SMEs’ green innovation journeys: Christian Hackl (European IP Helpdesk) illustrated the first case, relating to a start-up in Munich, Germany, which developed a project named Orcan Energy, aimed at producing electric power by usingg waste heat with lower temperature, a major challenge emerged during the project that was overcome by forming a partnership with another company based in China.

Daniel Marques de Vasconcelos (EU IP Ambassador) outlined the second case study concerning IP and business challenges faced by European cleantech companies when expanding in international markets. As Ambassador of SME Helpdesk Portugal, he focused on the project Advanced Cyclone Systems (ACS) developed by the University of Porto, aimed at products’ recovery and reducing emissions. The project represents an example for companies wanting to keep growing and expanding in the market, as they may invest in key data for digital technologies, become real competitors, share the success, and understand the business.

With regard to international IP Helpdesk, Marc Peeters, partner of Bambu Nusa Verde, introduced the activity of the Indonesian biotechnology company specialized in the micropropagation of tropical bamboo species. As the company was concerned about its protection, they asked for the support of South-East Asia IP SME Helpdesk, which have helped them with its legal and business advices, thus allowing the company to register as a green firm.

Also Simo Ellilä, Co-Founder of eniferBio, has talked about its positive experience with the Latin America section of IP SME Helpdesk in relation to its firm, a start-up based in Finland and producing Pekilo, a sustainably-produced protein ensuring high productivity for the agricultural market in Latin America. Thanks to the support of the Helpdesk, eniferBio could register as a brand.

Finally, Luca Escoffier (EU Japan Technology Transfer Helpdesk), assessed the work in support of Japanese SMEs, researchers and start-ups. In the field of the Japanese IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) programme, Nicole Bigler (Sonoda & Kobayashi Law) described the case-dispute between Honeywell (US- based firm) and Arkema (France-based firm): both companies started to invest in the Japanese refrigerant HFC-134a for automobile air conditioners in 2000, but they crossed the EU “global warming potential”, so that the Japanese IPR supported them in order to obtain patents and becoming companies willing to invest in environmental technologies.

The event concluded with the assessment of all the participants on the necessity to upgrade the IP agenda and portfolio adopted to climate and green renovation, in line with the EU Green Deal goals and current trends to achieve climate neutrality.


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