Ending Violence Against Women - Taking Stock and Next Steps

European Commission, Brussels, Belgium, 4th December 2018

As the end of the “Year of Focused Actions” is close, a meeting was celebrated to put in common the outcomes of the initiative, good practices, and talk about the next steps to take in the subject of sexual violence.


During the session, the importance of the application of Istambul Convention was highlighted

In that sense, the participants talked about the negative application of this document in Bulgari, where the concept of gender which is included on it, is not recognised by the Constitution, that’s why following Tribunal Constitutional of Bulgaria is not possible the application of the whole document in that state. Related with this last idea, Orthodox priest justified that even they don’t support the application of the convention in their country, they are pretty sure they will fight against sexual violence through the warmth of the religion.

Despite of the strangeness that this contribution had in some of the participants, the general idea was that is necessary to work together through enhance education for the respect and against the stereotypes to eliminate sexual violence.

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