RAW MATERIALS WEEK: Drivers and Solutions for Integrating Information in the EU Raw Materials Knowledge Base

Le Plaza Hotel, 15th November 2018

The third edition on ''Raw Materials'' took place from Monday 12 to Friday 16 November in Brussels. This event organized by the European Commission had the objective of providing the latest news on raw materials in the EU. These sessions offered the opportunity to discuss and exchange about all relevant issues (policy, technology, international cooperation, etc).
The main issue addressed in this conference was the Drivers and Solutions for Integrating Information in the EU. During the debate it was discussed the criticality assessment for policy making and as solutions were highlighted the supporting value chain approach of the EU industrial policy, priorising needs and actions, supporting trade agreements  negotiations drafting legislation, challenging trade distortion measures and national policy making.

Another important issue discussed was the need to complement official data, for that reason it is necessary to have a dialog with the industry. We need the data and it is a really challenging exercise because we need official data and industry data, and a really good role of RMES.

On the other hand, It was also discussed about the European partner network because communication is a key factor. EIT Raw Materials InfoCenter is a digital collaboration and Networking platform launched in June 2017 and it has already 500 registered users (partners contacts, Project co-ordinators, KIC and EIT staff). With this platform all users receive monthly News and Events update and a current Technical support – PRODYNA.

We can conclude that this conference was a great success, addressing these very interesting topics and many more, with an abundant participation of the attendees.

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