Blended Erasmus + for Higher Education professionals – a leap into the future

European Economic and Social Committee, Brussel, Belgium, 24th October 2018

After two years of implemented some sorts of blended mobility, it was organised by European Economic and Social Committee a conference in order to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the programs behind BEST + (Blended Erasmus Staff Training) as the Alcala Staff Training, the BEST+Lodz – International student experience, and the BEST+ Joensuu – International attractiveness of universities.

 During the event took place the intervention of relevant people as Tatjana Babrauskiene and Johannes Gehringer, members of the European and Social Committee and the Unit Higher Education of European Commission, respectively. The speakers explained the aim of BEST +, a learning mix online combined with a short period abroad which was designed in order to increase the outcome of learning online and networking.

In the meeting it was highlighted the benefit of online learning and also the importance of had some physical contact with people who is learning the same matter in order to motivate the learners and enhance their knowledge not only academically, also interculturally talking.

Also, it was not missed the future approach of the program Erasmus + for the period 2021 -2027, which probably will be call, as Tatjiana Babrauskiene said, again Erasmus, due to the + would be keep for special subjects as Leonardo program. The general approach was the necessity of bring over the learners to a more digital and technical teachings, as well as make easy the access to this projects for people with some special necessities or parents with a lot of responsibilities. Meaningful was the critical of staff training for wastes the opportunity for improve skills from which all the attendees learned the necessity of they understand the benefits of this projects.

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