Launch book event: Finance and Investment – The European Case by Colin Mayer

March 20th, Brussels

Today the EUAbout team attended the launch event of the book Finance and Investment: The European Case. Colin Mayer, along with other associates, presents their research on the situation of the financial system in Europe after the financial and the sovereign debt crisis. The research is organized by Assonime (the association of Italian joint stock companies) and the Centre for Economics Policy Research (CEPR) in London.

The main points discussed in the books are the access of SME companies into the borrowing system, the impact of the crisis into countries and companies and the effect of taxation policies on investment scheme. One of the key issues regarding SMEs is the poor access to market financing and thereby the strong dependence over bank finance which appears to be more cyclical. Moreover, high debt companies tend to reduce investment during economic crisis periods because new credit is devoted to support the existing credits.

This and many other topics are discussed in the extensive research conducted in the book. We would like to congratulate all the authors for the thought provoking work. Surely, it will promote the debate over European financial system architecture.

See you all in the next events!

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