EIT Call for proposal 2018


Brussels February, 13th 2018

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EUAbout team attended the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) event where 2018 Call for Proposals was presented. The event was facilitated by Alison Hunter who highlighted the main ideas after each speaker intervention. In the first part of the event, EIT aims and objectives were presented.

Afterwards, specific information regarding the Call for proposal were exposed. This year call will be devoted to two major challenges in Europe: Urban mobility and manufacturing. The first one, aims to give response to the current pressures that cities are suffering in terms of pollution and mobility issues. The second one tackles with the modernisation of European industry.

In a second section of the event, we had the pleasure to get first-hand insights and experiences from Rajai Aghabi (Founder & CEO at EOLOS Floating Lidar Solutions) who told us about his experience as an entrepreneur and the relation with EIT.

During the event, some technical aspects of the proposal were exposed, you will find all the information in https://eit.europa.eu/.

In the last part of the section, several representatives of the main DGs discussed about how applicants can create synergies with DGs. The concept of synergies and cooperation was broadly debated. Just to give some clues, Innovation Communities applying for the Call for Proposal 2018 can be up to 50 different partners which means strong cooperation and collaboration are needed.

We would like to thank the organization for inviting us. We are looking forward to work with all stakeholders. We will be more than pleased to offer our help in this proposal!

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